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I’m Going on an Adventure!  

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Specifically that adventure is the AutoWeek America Adventure.  I was just minding my business (like I always do) and I saw a link on Google+ about a contest to win a chance to compete in the Adventure.  It sounded neat and I commented on the post; then John Davis suggested that we enter as a team.  Sure, why not?  We entered on a fluke at the very last minute last week.  I could hardly believe when I saw “Congratulations” in my GMail inbox preview.  I was floored.

What the Adventure entails is an Amazing Race style competition with clues and challenges.   While we know that the race will start in Seattle and end in Vegas for the SEMA Show, we don’t know where we will end up in between.  We’ll find out each day when we figure out our clues.  The Adventure will also incorporate race track driving as some of the challenges.  We will have in car internet access for solving clues and navigation and use our smartphones to read Gettag codes to prove we’ve completed our missions.  We’ll have to keep our social network communities informed about what we’re doing.  So this race has the following elements: Amazing Race, a road trip, an auto show, race track driving, gadgets, social media and the internet.  These are all things that I love love love!  If someone says something about monster trucks I think I will have fulfilled every childhood fantasy I’ve ever had.  The Adventure is also being covered by the Discovery Channel for a one hour documentary.

What we are competing for is a chance to win this Mopar Charger.  We have not yet decided how we will deal with this car when we win but I call first on it.  Imagine me on the Beltway in that.

The Adventure runs October 26 through November 1 so stay tuned for more updates.

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