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2 Guys & A Mic - NBA Playoffs and Stuff - EP1  

Tonight's show we discuss the NBA Conference Finals, The NBA Draft Lottery as it happens. Greg Oden and Congress' witch hunt on Vick.

Corporate Radio Rant – Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff – Pacific Coast Hellway

Don’t Change Greg – Page 2 – LZ Granderson

2007 NBA Draft Predictions

Congressman wants NFL Sanctions on Vick – Atlanta Journal Constitution

Shop Sounds – Beats

From the podsafe music network

To reach Geno –

To reach JD –

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2 Guys & A Mic  

What do you get when you combine a seasoned radio vet, a complete sports junkie and just one mic. A new, fresh perspective on sports, news and entertainment. 2 Guys & A Mic will dive deep into issues with a little fun.

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Welcome to The Smak  

Welcome to The Smak where my thoughts, rants and raves will be heard. Check out the live show over at TalkShoe

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