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The Adventure Starts Today  

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Dear Family and Friends,

I just wanted you to know that I will be competing in Autoweek’s America Adventure ( starting tomorrow. We start out in Seattle today (starting line tomorrow) and end up in Vegas next Tuesday at the SEMA auto show ( The catch is that we have no clue where we will end up along the way. Each day we will be given Amazing Race style clues as to where we need to go and challenges (most involving driving – including some race track driving). At the end of the day whoever scores the most points will get a key.

At SEMA each team with a key will be given a chance to see if their key starts a Mopar Charger worth $40,000. If it does, they (we) get the car. The Discovery Channel is doing a 1-hour documentary on the competition.

My partner is John Davis of Detroit. Here’s his short bio:
John Davis is a native Detroiter who has traveled the world for work and pleasure, and is always ready for a challenge. John is the host of 2 Guys & A Mic on His wit can be seen on social networks far and wide. John has appeared on numerous television programs, most notably “The Weakest Link” on NBC. John is a frequent radio guest discussing sports, technology, politics and social media.

More info including my bio at:
Even if we don’t win the car this could be a trip of a lifetime. I’ve always wanted to drive the Pacific Coast Highway and we likely will. And you probably dont know that I want to go on The Amazing Race. After working for FTI with all that “by the seat of your pants” travel I’m sure I could do it. You know I have my camera and a bunch of other gadgets with me.

We were selected to participate in this competition for free (entry fee is $5,000) because we will cover the competition on social media. I’m asking for your support by following along with us.

The easiest way is on Twitter at The Twitter account will include links to other media we post like photos, videos, and blog posts. If you’re on Facebook a lot of what’s posted will end up there too. Photos will be at We’re working on a shared YouTube channel as well and other ways to aggregate the content in one place. On top of that we will have in car internet so well be connected wherever we go.

I hope you join us on this adventure. Thanks for your support!

Kenya and John

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