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Mavericks DefeatedPureEvil  

LeBron needs a binky

With The Finals over and the Dallas Mavericks DefeatedPureEvil Cryami Cheats. There are definite winners and definite losers.

Winners: Mark Cuban, since he bought the team from Ross Perot Jr. in 2000, he has spent over $800 million in salaries alone. Provided for every one of the Mavericks' needs and wants. That investment has paid off and his passing the trophy to the original Mavericks owner and snubbing Stern was classic and priceless.

Cleveland and Dan Gilbert, The King of Comic Sans who got all kind of grief for his emotional response to "the decision" for this year is correct. There was a bond between Cleveland and Dallas that manifested itself in the form of CavsForMavs merchandise and social media groups.

Dallas Mavericks, Dirk, Kidd, Jet, Brian Cardinal (Drafted by the Pistons in 2000) and all of the Dallas Mavericks TEAM congrats.

Liv, the #MiamiTakeover moved to the Liv nightclub where the Mavs bought out the bar. Cuban dropped $500,000, danced to "Ballin" and he bought 100 bottles of Ace Of Spades, some were bigger than JJ Barea

Losers: LeBron, With the words, I am taking my talents to South Beach, he became public enemy #1 in Cleveland. It didn't help that the intro presser where he said not 1, not 2....8 in a row expanded the hate beyond the shores of Lake Erie. He desperately wants to be loved and wants to be the bad guy and he does not know how to embrace the bad guy. The mocking of another ill player was the last straw for alot of basketball fans.

Wade, the Heat go as Wade goes. While already won 1 in 2006 thanks to the officials (yes I am a bitter Pistons fan). In game 6, Wade came up small, actually LeBron like. This is his team and he has to make others responsible.

ESPN, While the talking heads at the 4 letter have been too invested in Bron. Some have actually sold their collective souls for access to Bron. This is one of the shining examples that they need competition. Even today there are some that is entrenched in the camp they are embedded and dishing out Bron's talking points.

Heat Fans, Charles Barkley is right, the Mavericks took over the AAA and "punked the shit out of miami"

Spo, look for Pat Riley to take over the Heat......soon.

Bonus Winner: Me, I don't have to put up Michael Tillery up at the W - South Beach for a weekend.

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