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If Philadelphia Does Not Want Him, Someone Will  

We knew this day was coming, but we did not know it was this past Sunday as Michael Vick made his first NFL start in nearly four years leading the Eagles to a 35-32 victory over the Detroit Lions at Ford Field.

Memo to NFL General Managers, if you need a QB give the Eagles a call. In my opinion, they are not committed to winning. Michael Vick led Philadelphia to this victory that they probably don't get with any other backup quarterback. Given the six quarters that Vick has put together in the past two games. Head Coach Andy Reid actually formed his lips to say yes, Kevin will be the starter next week if cleared by the doctors (concussion).

There are very few teams in the NFL that don't need a QB. To the others (Lions included) give the Eagles a call. The performance that I saw with my very own eyeballs was "special" and should be showcased on Sunday somewhere as a starter. There were people who said that Vick was done, he should be a RB, "wildcat" option whatever. I saw a starting QB Sunday and I was glad to be in the house to experience it.

Vick was Vick, due in part to Philadelphia's pours offensive line who was no match for Detroit's front four. On a couple of occasions Vick was less than a step away from being "jacked up" for a huge loss and or a fumble, Vick just spun away ran or passed for huge gains. I don't think that there is a "backup" QB that could have made the plays that I saw Sunday.

There are numerous reason's for the Eagles' stand; love for Kolb, Vick's contract incentives, "the Phily way", etc. Memo to Andy Reid, no job is safe in sports, see Wally Pipp. But the questions will remain, if the Eagles are not committed to placing the best players on the field to give them the best chance of winning, let Vick go.

Photo Credit: Leon Halip/Getty Images

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