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2 Guys & A Mic - 1.5 to 5 - EP145  

Kwame going to the Big House? Yes. Also the NBA Playoffs, the NHL Stanley Cup Finals, four World Records in 45 minuets. The end of a era as 24 winds down.

Greatest 45 Minuets in Sports History (Sports Illustrated)
Top 24 Moments (TV Squad)
Top 24 Heroes (TV Squad)
Top 24 Villains (TV Squad)
Kwame Gets 1.5 to 5 Years in the Slammer (King Kwame)
Super Bowl XLVIII to New York/New Jersey (ESPN)
Steve Yzermam to the Lighting (Detroit Free Press)

A little fun with the following challenge. Can you recast The Wiz without using Beyonce' or any American Idol participants. We want to hear from you on the 2 Guys & A Mic Forums.

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